Thursday, 19 September 2013

What is "Classroom Design Recipe" Tool

Classroom design recipe is a learning and teaching tool that aims to propose opportunities to rethink classroom space design in order to facilitate and support learning and influence innovative teaching practicesAdditionally, Classroom Design Recipe inspire teachers to change, use and prepare the classroom space to support and facilitate learning activities. 

The design of this tool responds to insights from the fieldwork. Inspired by teaching tools, it responds to users’ diverse ways of teaching and learning, and aids understanding of how learning spaces are used. In addition, the tool is designed to offer teachers an opportunity to participate by adding their own ideas to the tool and to inspire each other. This tool consists of different cards. Each card offers an idea that could be applied in the classroom in order to facilitate and utilise classroom space to support learning. The information in these cards has been developed from PhD research. Each card in this tool is divided to five sections:
  • Section 1. Title: This presents the title of the card.
  • Section 2. Why: This section tells users what benefits they will get from using the card and why they need to use this card.
  • Section 3.How: This section gives users guidelines on how to apply this card and what they need to do in order to apply it.
  • Section 4.What: The section shows users what to expect when they apply this card.
  • Section 5. Apply and Share: The Apply and Share section is about users’ applications and sharing their implementation with others. When users employ this card they can take a photo of their application and share it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and Pinterest. Also, by using #Classroom_Design_Recipes and #the name of the card users can look at other users’ cards and applications.

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